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Unity Game Development

15,000 BDT

Unity Game Development Course
  • Mentor: Nahid Hasan
  • Schedule: Tues & Wednesday, Time: 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm
  • Start From: 10th March, 2019
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Lectures: 24
  • Video: 48 Hours
  • Online Support
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Description

The Learning Unity Game Development course offers the chance for students to gain clear knowledge about the Game Development with Unity software.
Also it can help you to gain solid foundation of c# programming language. 

Course Structure

This twenty four class course is taught in a lecture/exercise format.
The instructor will begin each class with a lecture and demo. The lectures present you with theory and workflow as well as in-depth coverage of how tools work. There is a project in every class. These projects will provide hands-on experience to help reinforces the key concepts presented.

Target audience

This course is intended for those who want to build a solid foundation of Game Development. And also for those serious people who wants to take Game Development as a career.


  • No previous experience on Unity or programming is necessary but should be familiar with windows environment.
  • General level IQ and common sense
  • Determination for hardworking
  • Enough patients and eagerness for achieving goal
  • Creativity and observation power

Course Contents

  • Unity download, Installation, Setup, Basic tools
  • Basic concept of oop in c#
  • Understanding the c# script in unity
  • Create “Roller Ball” game
  • Material
  • Audio
  • Terrian Making
  • Input 3d modeling
  • Asset Store
  • Key frame animation
  • Basic character animation
  • Make third person runner game
  • Main menu design
  • Ending page design
  • Creating a canvas
  • Adding a text
  • Using image
  • Unity android setup
  • Build android mobile apps
  • Make first person shooter game
  • Unity VR setup
  • Import 3d modeling
  • VR children learning game development
  • Inventory system
  • Build VR game
  • Unity AR setup
  • Basic AR project
  • Exam + Class Review

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