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Special Course on Cinema 4D

20,000 BDT

Special Course on Cinema4D
  • Mentor: Rafim Ansary
  • Schedule: Friday, Time: 10:00 am to 01:00 am
  • Start From: 20th May, 2019
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Lectures: 16
  • Video: 48 Hours
  • Online Support
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Get up and running with Cinema 4D R19. In this course, explore the core techniques you need to know to create 3D models and animation with the latest version of C4D. I will over concepts that are essential to understanding how the software functions, and explores different artists’ work to help you visualize what can be created with C4D. He then demonstrates how to plan a C4D project, and shows how to animate the camera, add lighting, create and apply materials, organize and render the project, and more. Topics include: How 3D artists use C4D

  • Getting to know the interface
  • Modeling the logo
  • Animating with MoGraph
  • Animating the camera
  • Adding lighting
  • Creating and applying materials
  • Organizing the project
  • Rendering the project
  • Identifying what kind of C4D artist you want to be.

Course Structure

This Sixteen class course is taught in a lecture/exercise format.
The instructor will begin each class with a lecture and demo. The lectures present you with theory and workflow as well as in-depth coverage of how tools work. There is a project in every class. These projects will provide hands-on experience to help reinforces the key concepts presented.

Target audience

  1. Dedicated and Passionate about Learning 3D
  2. Cinema 4D is Motion based Software so Motion Designer Learners will get Benefit.
  3. Audience who are keen to learn something new are much more appreciated.
  4. Moral is: There’s Always a new things surrounding you, You Just have to explore and Express.


  • Be determined to learn 3D and Motion Graphics using Cinema 4D
  • Be Ready to create all the projects in the practice activities
  • No Prior Knowledge of Cinema 4D is required
  • No Experience using Cinema 4D is required because its Basic to Advance
  • Cinema 4D R19

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Course
  • Workspace Description
  • Career Path of Cinema 4D
  • What is Motion Graphics?
  • Know Primitives
  • How to work with primitives
  • Navigations E R and T
  • Spline
  • How to work with Splines
  • Nurbs : Extrude, Sweep and Lathe
  • H.w : Guitar
  • Making Flag or Curtain
  • Making Flag or Curtain
  • Deformers in Detail
  • Polygonal in details
  • How to work with edges, cut, loop, extrude, inner extrude, bevel
  • Connect objects + Delete
  • H.W : Stall Design
  • Text and Motext, Timeline ( F- Curve) work in detail
  • How to apply Texture
  • Import Texture
  • Reflection
  • Transparency
  • Bump
  • Blow
  • Introducing Light
  • Light Object : Changing Light Color and Intensity of Light
  • Shadow Modify + difference between Soft and Hard Shadow
  • What is Lens
  • What is exclude and include in light
  • Cinema 4D tags
  • Interior Room Design in Cinema 4D
  • What is Mograph?
  • Creating Clones
  • Using Effectors
  • Deforming Object with Effectors
  • Other Mograph Objects
  • Enable objects to animated with Mogaph
  • Breaking Object into pieces
  • Work with Dynamics
  • Rigid and Collider body
  • Design Model
  • Animation
  • Camera Setup
  • Composition
  • Rendering
  • Rendering in Detail
  • Setup rendering
  • Using Multipass
  • Octane Rendering
  • Finally Composition in After Effects.
  • Class Project : 2 Broadcast Animation
  • Students will submit Projects