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Special Course on 3ds max

30,000 BDT

Special Course on 3ds Max
  • Mentor: Arif Ahmed
  • Schedule: Friday, Time: 10:00 am to 01:00 am
  • Start From: 10th March, 2019
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Lectures: 24
  • Video: 72 Hours
  • Online Support
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Description

The Learning Fundamental Course on 3ds max course offers the chance for students to gain clear knowledge about the software with the help of a professional instructor.
3D Studio MAX is an outstanding 3D Modeling and Animation software. It is used from creating T.V. commercials to Hollywood Style Special Effects in films. One who wants to be an animator or achieve the highest level in computer graphics (CG), 3ds max is for him/her without a doubt. It will raise them at an expert level of the amazing 3D world.

Course Structure

This twenty four class course is taught in a lecture/exercise format.
The instructor will begin each class with a lecture and demo. The lectures present you with theory and workflow as well as in-depth coverage of how tools work. There is a project in every class. These projects will provide hands-on experience to help reinforces the key concepts presented.

Target audience

This course is intended for those who want to build a solid foundation so they can starts working with 3d. And also for those serious people who wants to take 3d animation as a career.


  • No previous experience on 3ds max is necessary but should be familiar with windows environment.
  • General level IQ and common sense
  • Determination for hardworking
  • Enough patients and eagerness for achieving goal
  • Creativity and observation power

Course Contents

  • Screen layout
  • Description of MAX interface.
  • Move, Rotate, Viewport, Navigation-Zoom, Zoom extents, Pan, Min-Max Toggle etc.
  • Co-Ordinate Systems, Description of 2Dimensional & 3Dimensional space.
  • Description of standard Primitives and their creation method
  • Clone and group command.
  • Description of extended Primitives and their creation method
  • Parametric object creation
  • Create chair, table, Book shelf, Cot etc.
  • Modify the Objects
  • Using the techniques of Bend, Taper, Twist, Noise
    Lattice, Melt etc. modifiers.
  • Modifiers Sub object level control.
  • Modifier Stack, Edit Stack.
  • Different polygon selections
  • Edit Geometry
  • Edit Polygons
  • Using Extrude, Bevel, Inset, Bridge, Attach, Detach etc.
  • Edit Polygons-Hinge from edge
  • Extrude Along spline
  • Use of Quick Slice, Cut tool
  • Use NURMS Subdivision
  • Edge Connect Command
  • Projects
  • Create different letters using Cylinders, Tube etc.
  • Boolean Operations
  • Union, Subtraction, Intersection. Connect
  • Edit Booleans, Sub object level control.
  • Creating different pots, cups, Mechanical equipment etc.
  • Setting Units of Measurement, Using Snaps, Display
  • Hide, Unhide, Freeze, Un freeze
  • Different Selection Techniques.
  • Shapes
  • Creating different shapes
  • Use of Edit Spline command
  • Background display techniques
  • Extrude
  • Projects
  • Bevel, Bevel Profile
  • Creating different Text style and different shapes using Extrude, Bevel, Bevel Profile
  • Lathe modifiers
  • Create different shapes using Lathe modifiers
  • Projects
  • Lofting
  • Creating different lofted objects
  • Modify the lofted objects using scale, twist, teeter, and bevel modifiers
  • Projects
  • Create human hand
  • Bird model using background reference image
  • Modeling cartoon character body tools and techniques.
  • Projects (instructor will set the projects)
  • Use of Patch Grids
  • Create Patch grid
  • Edit vertices
  • Projects
  • Creating human head
  • Exploring different techniques
    Of polygon modeling-extrude, cut, slice, inset, NURMS subdivision, Set ID and Iterations.
  • Projects
  • Illuminating a scene using different types of lights.
  • Setting different parameters of light interactively.
  • Adjust shadows of lights.
  • Create and set lights in an interior.
  • 3 light (Key, Fill, Back) Techniques
  • Cameras and setting the Shot
  • Working with Target and Free cameras, Adjusting their parameters.
  • Set camera in an interior and take shots from different angles.
  • Different Types of Camera movements. Dolly, Pan, Crane, Tilting, Boom etc.
  • Projects
  • Basic Materials
  • The Material Editor Interface.
  • Using material and map browser, basic parameters
  • Assign bitmap, Adjusting UVW mapping co-ordinates.
  • Creating a Mapped Material
  • Glass, Water, plastic, metal and matt Material
  • Use of noise and bump in a material.
  • Projects
  • Creating Different materials using Reflect/Refract,
    Noise, Displace, Checker, Dent, Flat Mirror, raytrace, Gradient, Gradient Ramp, Mix, blend, Top/Bottom etc.
  • Creating different garment textures using cellular map
  • Projects
  • Set starry sky as a background using noise map
  • Multi/Sub-Object material, material ID
  • Matte/Shadow materials
  • Projects
  • Key frame animation
  • Linear position controller
  • Motion Controllers-Trajectories
  • Animating Modifiers, Lofting etc.
  • Projects
  • Track View
  • The Hierarchy Tree and Track Windows
  • Controlling Animation with track view
  • Edit key, Edit times, Function Curves, parameter curve, out-of-range type etc.
  • Add visibility track, on-off controller
  • Projects.
  • Render Scene window and its common parameters.
  • Rendering still image for output.
  • Rendering movie files for different purpose, multimedia presentation, VHS, Broadcast quality etc.
  • Creating output as image sequences, RAM player.
  • Basic Workflow of a composite
  • Planning for output
  • Guideline for Creating a Show reel/Demo Reel

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