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3D Modeling

3D modeling uses CG software to create a virtual three-dimensional model of some physical object. This technology has introduced ground breaking changes in sectors like -film making, TVC, game development and much more.


3D Animation technology uses cutting edge software and computer processing power to produce stunning shots for all types of film and media. The market demand in this sector is increasing day by day.


In our daily tough schedule its really important to find some time for ourselves. Paintings allows us to get some time of our very own. Doing paintings in regular basis have a great impact us.

AAVA 3D is the pioneer of 3d animation training in Bangladesh. Arif Ahmed, founder director of AAVA 3D starts his journey in 3d animation world since 1995. Through this long span of time he gathered huge experience in 3D animation and visual effects production industry. He shares these experience and knowledge among other aspiring people who are eager to develop their career in 3D. Thus he has huge number of students and disciples working in different 3D animation sectors in local and international market.

AAVA 3D not only a 3D animation research and training center it also provides career guideline and mentorship. Today AAVA 3D is the top choice of any creative mind to build their career.

What People Say About Us

"Every single corner of AAVA 3D is a creative carnival. I just love to visit this organization again and again."
Md Kabirul Islam
Dept. of Multimedia and Creative Technology
Daffodil International University
"One of the finest organizations of its kind where science and arts have blended together with a divine rhythm"
Shaikh Muhammad Allayear
Associate Professor and Head,
Dept. of Multimedia and Creative Technology
Daffodil International University
"The highly intensive research team of AAVA 3D is truly astonishing."
Golam Faruque
Top ranked freelancer in Upwork
"As an organization AAVA 3D has acquired a long term experience and that is what makes this organization exceptional."
S M Abdur Razzaque
Senior Assistant Director
Daffodil International Uiversity

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